The Elemental Empires


This is a story of elemental empires which are located on a galaxy that is split into two halves. One half has got solid elements planets with various islands representing each element, led by a elemental king or queen; the other half has got liquid and gaseous planets, with different elemental empires scattered on separate islands. Each of these elemental islands have domes covering their island to keep their life forms and environment sustained within.

Once day, they all unanimously decided to summon a new elemental King known as Steelon at the request of aging King Ironum, who later becomes so arrogant about his strength & superiority that he tried to become an undisputed ruler of the entire galaxy, not realizing that other elemental kings and queens whom he thought are no match for him have planned a surprise for him.




The Galaxiville

Its a story of a teenager who was a NASA Academy student and his parents who were on a mission to Mars have suddenly went missing, to find and bring them back home. His Uncle Sam who will eventually help him get of this planet and into space.

During this adventure he will meet some of the most amazing races, one of which is known as the Burrowers, one of whom he will eventually be friend with, he has this ability to dig underground tunnels at an astonishing speed as this is what they used to to at their planet Dahrfall, as they have designed their world under the surface of the planet with extensive tunnel network and homes with in. Grodi is amphibian beast, who was powerful but didn’t speak nor had a mouth but was intelligent and was fighting for its right to the seat in the Council. Lavilya is one of the Kysh, a genetically modified plant and humanoid hybrid who is capable of creating and manupalting botanic life forms, who will eventually become Aidans love interest, Quini the repltilian is an expert in martial art, who along with her brother, are indebted to Aidan for rescuing them from their planet and request to joins Aidan, in his fight against Vende the cruel politicial, who wants to rule the Galaxiville by doing what she does best by playing every possible politics she could, to make Aidan and his friends look like the enemies of the Galaxiville and its races, rendering them hopeless rebels who now have to create and assemble an army by making allies who now dont trust them, by fulfiling either their problems or challenges they set for him in exchange for a return favor by promising him to provide him their full support in lodging an attack at the Vende strong hold, planet Terra Prime where she is keeping Aidan’s parents as hostage.


War of Earth’s Dimensions

It all begins with a train journey from London to a new life in the countryside for ten-year-old William and his widowed father, David. Life dealt the father-son team a bad blow with William’s mother dying tragically a couple of years before. David is intent on starting afresh by relocating to Poynton Green where the air is crisp and clean and trees laden with apples and bushes with wild berries. It’s not long before William makes firm friends with his next-door-neighbor Robin. The book endearingly draws us in with this soul-mate friendship. The cherry on top has to be David falling in love with Robin’s mother, Emma, and the two eventually marry, cementing this brotherly bond. Little does this unsuspecting new family know that their idyllic existence is about to be shattered.

Tragedy strikes, and with it, a discovery will thrust the two stepbrothers into dimensions that will test their bond to the limit. At the crossroads of light and dark, William and Robin go in opposite directions. William journeys through the dimension of light on the back of Adriel, the eight-legged white horse with pointed horns. He meets Gabedier, the sickly green-skinned monster who seems to be a perambulating mass of wrinkles. Looks aren’t always as they seem though as Gabedier becomes one of Will’s strongest allies. In the real world, the brothers’ playacting of becoming legendary heroes and allies Robin Hood and Will Scarlett takes a nasty turn in the dimensions. Their commitment to each other faces the toughest test. William’s wooden sword has now transformed in a glinting white-light–refracting weapon of steel and good. Unbeknown to him, Robin has teamed up with Haggl the Evil, and his sword is as dark as William’s is light.

In scenes that will have you holding your breath, William’s good is pitted against the evil of the swirling ethereal Draccofiends. These dangerous dark specters are intent on crushing anything virtuous. And they are about to gain a new commander whose new HQ is the Tower of Torment—none other than William’s soul mate Robin. Spurred on by the light dimension’s initiating mantra—“Welcome home, the chosen one, the choice you made is true. Walk wise under the golden sun, let goodness walk with you”—William has one mission, and that is to save Robin from the dark forces that have him in their evil clutches. This page-turner will leave you breathless and have you championing Will’s determination to fight for good over evil.

His challenge is amplified when elements within his light dimension army turn their backs on him and edge toward the dark abyss.

Eventually, the two dimensions come head-to-head, and it’s anyone’s guess who’ll emerge victorious. This fast-paced novel is a must read for its twists and turns and constant thrills.