The Moonians

Conquering Earth by Enslaving Humans

Fast-forward to the year 2050, to a world that’s forgotten the true meaning of conflict. War is an alien concept. Little do they know, things are about to change and alien is the operative word. A contrived peace reigns in this age of space, an existence that would be unrecognisable to predecessors just decades before. Be prepared to hold onto your seat as this futuristic thriller hurtles through space at a speed faster than light.

There is brave Lieutenant John who questions his role in this state of unnatural peace and calm. He expresses his unease at getting paid for passing time “in useless exercises.” General Edward admires his lieutenant’s outspoken attitude. He reminds him that it is all about “fail to prepare, prepare to fail.” Secretly, he understands where Lieutenant John is coming from and, like him, wonders what their role in this oddly tranquil existence is. They won’t have to wonder for long. There’s trouble brewing, and it’s beyond stratospheric. Little do the general and his right-hand man know that humankind and Earth are about to experience a threat unparalleled in the history of its existence. The peace is about to be broken, and it’s without an arrow or missile being launched or even a single bullet being fired. It’s a war no one could ever imagine. In this scenario of global peace, there’s another development that has left the world vulnerable—every disease has been eradicated—and the medical profession is fast becoming defunct. Technology is king—bees are equipped with microscopic trackers; there’s a research station on Mars, and most households own aeroplanes. There is little or no place for doctors in this space age.

Someone is watching out there. Watching for the right moment to strike in the most unexpected way. Waiting for Earth to be well and truly lulled into a sense of false security. This alien invasion has a three-staged master plan: firstly by enslaving humans by hacking into their subconscious; secondly, to deprive Earth of all its natural resources by injecting Earth with giant leeches; and lastly, to abduct the entire human population and take them to their planet to either sell them as slaves or make them work as labour at their interplanetary construction project. At the helm is the sinister Allana, supreme lord of the Moonians. Their weapon of choice is biowarfare, so futuristic it seems that there’s no hope for humankind. Lord Allana’s plans to fight dirty by disabling the human subconscious by infecting their victims with a nano-virus transferred by nano-android mosquitoes.

The plan is to enslave most of humankind, turning them into vessels little more than humanoids controlled by their Moonian masters. Caught unawares, the alien’s intentions seem to be going as planned as unsuspecting humans go down like flies.

As if this isn’t enough, when humans are asleep, their leeches get hyperactive, which are deployed throughout the world, and begin working underground. These leeches have been programmed to drill down beneath the earth’s surface to harvest all the planet’s minerals and precious metals and go into hibernation upon being full, to be picked up by mother ships at nighttime.

The plot twists and turns at an exhilarating rate, leaving you wondering what’s on the next page. Right up to the last chapter, you’ll be in the dark as to how it will all end.

Ultimately, it is a work about coming together and breaking through borders of all countries of the world for humankind to stand up as one and fight against a common enemy instead of against one another.




God’s Headquarter

How Is Everything Created?

Aydin has an intense curiosity about the world around him. He often finds himself asking questions about the universe regarding where his life form was created? Why his life form (human) was sent to this planet Earth? He wonders how matter and other life forms are created and how the ‘circle of life’ or ‘food chain’ works. Who designs, creates and allocates them a planet to live and thrive on? He finds himself wondering about the nature of the ‘Creator’ or ‘God’ as well as how He creates and manages so many aspects of the Universe both in visible and invisible forms. Besides being curious, Aydin has always been somewhat difficult. He has always asked questions and wanted to challenge everything he could see, in terms of its purpose of existence. Unfortunately, his teachers could never answer many of his questions. He is a student of science but still has a deep belief in the existence of a Creator. Aydin is focused on meditation, thanks to his parents’ advice, which tell him that this is the only way to meet God.

The journey Aydin took really lifts his love for the Creator to the next level. He knows now that true focus on meditation can help get him back to God’s Headquarters again. Even though his parents do not seem to believe him, Aydin is convinced by what he has seen and believes it is the truth. Aydin’s ultimate promise to himself is that someday he will indeed meet and see the entity known as God, the Creator of everything.



God’s Headquarter

Alien Park

Aydin, back from his journey through the realms of the Creator, is back home and still reeling from what he has experienced. He can’t stop thinking about the levels he visited on his travels through time and space to a place no one on Earth could ever comprehend. He has tried to tell his parents of his fantastic adventure, but they have dismissed it as a wild and wonderful dream. He wrestles with whether he should confide in his best friend Jim Birsha. Jim’s father, the rich, virologist and CEO of Belial Corp., Dr Samael Birsha, owns a state-of-the-art bio laboratory, where top-secret scientific experiments are conducted.

Eventually he plucks up the courage to tell Jim, whom he has known since primary school. Understandably, Jim is doubtful at first but knows Aydin well enough to realize that it must be the truth. Jim listens in awe as Aydin recalls his journey through the different levels, explaining the storage of DNA designs in their trillions, and how he came within touching distance of wild and wonderful hybrids. Jim is astounded—this is a far cry from the microorganisms they studied at school. Then Aydin suggests researching what he saw in God’s HQ in the high-tech bio lab of Jim’s father.

Jim agrees, but with one condition – that Aydin tells Dr Birsha every detail of his experience. Otherwise, they might not be allowed to use the lab. Aydin reluctantly goes along with the suggestion. The consequences, however, are disastrous. The saga picks up speed as Aydin is sucked into a return to God’s HQ to steal some data files. Dr Birsha and Jim successfully convince him that it isn’t stealing from the Creator but taking information that will help cure devastating diseases on Earth—a purely humanitarian mission.

Their true intentions become clear to Aydin once Dr Birsha and Jim have the data files in their clutches. They use this sacred information to develop aliens for a park that would put Disneyworld to shame. Dr Birsha has become a Dr Evil. In no time at all he breeds an alien that is half fish and half tree, much like the one Aydin encountered on Level Three on his initial visit. Now the power-hungry, megalomaniac scientist proclaims himself a new Creator. Aydin watches in helpless horror as more and more hybrids emerge from the bio lab’s incubators. Meanwhile the grand opening of the Alien Park is close. More surprises come when Aydin manages to regain control of the aliens with the help of Ridz. To his shock, Dr Birsha has been working secretly on robotic versions of the biological aliens he has created, so in case things go wrong with aliens, he has a robotic alien army in reserve.

In desperation, Aydin tries one more time to convince his father that he had been given privileged access to God’s Headquarters, and that he’d been duped into taking the precious data files, which are now being abused for one man’s greed. “Tell Ridz,” his father advises. But Aydin’s acute shame and regret prevent him from coming clean with the angel who gave him entry to the most sacred of places. A catastrophe is imminent if Aydin doesn’t rectify his mistakes by admitting his responsibility and returning the DNA drives to their proper place. Will Aydin be able to defeat Dr Birsha’s robotic alien army? Will biological life show itself to be superior to robotics and prove Dr Birsha wrong?